Theoben Evolution Break Barrel Air Rifle

Everything is as you would expect of a Theoben; high quality parts and materials means very low maintenance and the H.E. system means almost no recoil, making it very easy to shoot.

- 12 ft/lbs
- Break barrel air rifle
- Single shot HE gas ram
- 2 stage Trigger with automatic safety catch
- Walnut Stock
- Low Recoil
- 267mm (10½”) choked barrel
- Weight: 3.4kg (7.5lbs) unscoped
- Length: 978mm (38½”)
- ½” Group at 40 yards

Scopes not included

Beech Ambi stock options


Evolution silencer: £380.00

Vortex silencer: £395.00

Walnut stock options


Evolution silencer: £455.00

Evolution silencer left handed: £464.00

Vortex silencer: £454.00

Vortex silencer left handed: £481.00

Thumbhole stock options Right Handed Only


Evolution silencer: £496.00

Vortex silencer: £512.00


 Theoben SLR 98 Underlever Air Rifle

The SLR uses a H.E. (High Efficiency) Gas Ram System with floating Inertia for ultra low recoil. This gives a highly consistent muzzle velocity (1% on test rifle with Crosman Premier Pellets). It also allows for a low cocking effort and no internal maintentance is required. The Evolution Trigger is a two-stage system with adjustment for second stage weight and travel down to 1½ lbs pull and also has an automatic safety catch. A world class Anschütz barrel is fitted and choked for superb accuracy. The integral silencer system makes use of the underlever to increase the internal volume and disperse sound more efficiently.

- 12ft/lbs STD - .177 & .22 cal
- Multi-shot Underlever Rifle Action
- 7 Shot Magazine - .22 cal
- 8 Shot Magazine - .177 cal
- Light Weight - only 3.5kg (7.7lbs)
- Length - 990mm (39”)
- 23.5cm (9.25”) Anschütz Barrel
- Theoben H.E. Gas Ram System
- Two Stage Trigger with Auto Safety
- Integral Underlever Silencer

Scope not included

Standard silencer : £655.00

Left handed standard silencer : £684.00

Evolution silencer : £689.00

Evolution silencer left handed: £718.00

Thumbhole standard silencer: £713.00

Thumbhole vortex silencer: £748.00


Theoben Rapid  MK1 Pre Charged Air Rifle


This is the air rifle made for the hunter. The latest version of this classic rifle now features.

- Mk4 fully adjustable 2-stage trigger
-280cc bottle
-New rebalanced stock
-New high efficient inlet adaptor
-Scalloped action for single pellet feed
-Single shot tray
-Larger bolt handle
-Ambidextrous walnut stock
-Evolution Silencer
-Bolt action pre-charged pneumatic
- 12ft/lbs 
- .177, .20, .22 and .25 calibres
- 7, 12 or 17 shot rotary magazine ( not included )
- Ambidextrous Walnut Stock
- 2 stage Sporter Trigger Pull 1-½lbs
- Recoilless

Scope not included

Magazine not included.

Without silencer: £657.00

Evolution silencer : £674.00

Vortex silencer : £690.00



Theoben Rapid MK2 Pre Charged Air Rifle


A brand new Walnut stock has been designed for this rifle, with contoured roll over cheek piece and integral trigger guard. The forend is shaped so the flowing lines make a smooth transition with the buddy bottle. With a chequered pistol grip and ventilated recoil pad it certainly feels as good as it looks! Fitted with our superb two stage adjustable trigger with a manual safety. The .177 and .22 calibres also feature Anschütz barrels. Selected Walther barrels are fitted to .20 and .25 calibres. This ensures the Rapid range continue to be one of the most accurate PCP’s on the market today.

Magazine included

- Bolt action pre-charged pneumatic
- 12ft/lbs and FAC
- .177, .20, .22 and .25 calibres
- Vortex Silencer
- Recoilless
- 400mm (16”) barrel on 12ft/lbs
- Weight: 3.5Kg (7.7lbs) unscoped
- Total Length:1015mm (40”)

Scope not included

Vortex silencer : £819.00

Vortex silencer left handed : £861.00 


 Theoben Rapid MFR Pre Charged Air Rifle


Based on the award winning Rapid 7 action and using a combination of the latest technology and computerised engineering methods, is the Rapid MFR. The full length, integral silencer gives the look of a bull barrel. Its purpose is to disperse the air down the full length of the barrel, causing the sound to dissipate. This makes the silencer exceptionally quiet. The extended forend of the walnut stock gives your leading hand a comfortable place to support the rifle ‘up in the aim’, so you do not have to hold the buddy bottle.

- .177, .20, .22 calibres
- 12ft/lbs (regulated) and FAC 
- Bolt action pre-charged pneumatic
- Single Shot or Magazine Fed ( included ) 
- High quality German Barrel
- Walnut Sporter or thumbhole Stock
- Adjustable 2 stage match grade Trigger
- Recoilless
- Bottle pressure: 232 bar (air only)

Scope not included

Right handed stock : £835.00

Left handed stock : £861.00


 Theoben Rapid S Type Pre Charged Air Rifle


By combining the versatility of the MFR, the vast number of shots of the Rapid Mk2 and adding some impressive new features, Theoben have created the new S-Type. The scalloped loading port of the MFR allows three methods of loading - manual loading direct into the breech, using the single-shot holder and finally utilising one of the Theoben multishot magazines. The regulator has been further advanced to give a staggering 700 shots in .22cal from the 500cc bottle. A 400cc bottle is also available. The inclusion of a new internal air particle filter promises maximum reliability. The recessed accessory rail comes complete with a bipod, and can also be fitted with a quick detachable sling swivel (purchased separately).

Scope not included

Vortex silencer : £943.99

Vortex silencer left handed : £971.00



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